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George B. Wittmer Associates, Inc. 
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Lawn & Garden Components
Wittmer supplies many consumer product bagging and co-packaging companies with essential bulk components of their Top Soil, Potting Soil, Bedding, Ornamental, and related consumer product lines as found at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and various other retail chains.
Soil Amendments
Wittmer techniques and processes to convert papermill sludges into useful agricultural soil amendment products proven to increase the moisture retention rates, counter nutrient flight, and increase organic content of cropland. Wittmer has the capacity and experience to provide recovery and processing services to the paper industry and we handle the material from generation through the agricultural application phase. Working with State regulatory and agricultural agencies, we create and execute agricultural beneficial use plans for the generator and the consumer of large volume residual re-use.
Agricultural Lime
We are a registered Liming Material Distributor with the Department of Agriculture in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. We supply the agri-business community with agricultural liming material. Wittmer currently processes and distributes precipitated calcium carbonate (Lime) from papermill operations in three states. Wittmer is responsible for labeling, recordkeeping, and reporting of this product to both the generator and the State agencies.
Compost and Mulch
Wittmer owns and operates a 200-acre materials composting facility in Nassau County, Florida (Jacksonville area) where we compost yard trimmings from the City of Jacksonville and other nutritive components generated by papermill operations to produce a high quality compost and mulch in great demand by consumer product co-packers and baggers.
Consumer Product Additives
Wittmer processes bark and re-injection fly ash from non-coal fired boiler operations into additives to the consumer product industry. Typically, we consume 100% of all such residuals for the papermill industry.
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