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George B. Wittmer Associates, Inc. 
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George B. Wittmer Associates, Inc. Services
It takes talented, experienced personnel to make the difference. Wittmer Associates is a knowledgeable and experienced team providing "cradle to customer" services. Wittmer provides every step in the process from materials analyses; regulator negotiations; product labeling; inventory and destination control and recordkeeping; documentation; on- or off-site processing; transportation; distribution to industry consumers; and long-term quality control of commodities. There is no substitute for the competence, experience, and reliability every Wittmer client expects and depends upon.

               Services Provided:
  • Recovering of large volume industrial residuals
  • Processing industrial residual to produce commodity products
  • Marketing / Distributing products
  • Developing new markets for low-value commodity material
  • Diverting "landfill bound" materials to highest and best re-use applications
GBWA, Inc. owns and operates a fleet of heavy material handling and processing equipment, including bulldozers, excavators, dump and live bottom tractor/trailers, processing plant and big bucket loaders. We handle several thousand cubic yards per day: recovered, processed, and out the gate to the commodity consumer.

Give us a look and a call. If your firm produces residuals and you are stockpiling, landfilling, or otherwise allowing the streams to back up and sit around, why not take a few minutes and review our website, and then give us a call at 800-301-2770. It may be the most enviromentally and economically sensible call you will ever make.